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Welcome to the Documentation page of the platform. On this page you can find technical information and user information for the applications of the platform.

If you are not helped with the information below, you can contact the staff of the " Support Center".

A. Information for data providers

A1. Data providers in hospitals and laboratories: HD4DP ( for data providers)

A.1.1. Technical information for IT services


HD4DP installation by ("Technical Onboarding")

Management of HD4DP upgrades 

Management of accounts in HD4DP

Manage uploads for data re-use in HD4DP

Management encryption module for HD4DP

Server Management for HD4DP

Management of integration of Patient Identifier Services in HD4DP

Database management for HD4DP

Management of VCF transfer via SFTP

​A2. Data providers in the extra muros

A.2.1. Data providers with an Electronic Medical Record : HD4PrC API ( for Primary Care)

Technical information for EMD developers

Usage information for healthcare providers participating in registrations, per EMD product

A.2.2. Data Providers without an Electronic Medical Record : HD4PrC WEB ( for Primary Care)

A.3. Patienten : HD4Patient

Information about eID

  • What is the eID?
  • How to install?
  • Log in via CSAM to the government's online services
  • How to login with eID card reader
  • What are PIN and PUK codes?
  • What are eID certificates and what are they for?
  • What if I still have questions or problems related to eID?
  • Information about itsme®

  • What is itsme®?
  • How to use itsme®?
  • Can anybody use itsme®?
  • How and where can I create my itsme®?
  • How do I create my itsme® with my eID card (electronic identity card)?
  • I do not know the PIN code of my eID card (electronic identity card) or the PIN code does not work.
  • I would like to create my itsme® account with eID (electronic identity card), but I do not have the necessary software programs.
  • Where can I find my identification token?
  • Where can I find my verification code?
  • Can I activate my account on various devices?
  • How do I link my SIM card to my itsme®?

C. Information about the reporting website ""

D. Information about the "" website

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