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Cookbook available for integration of "healthdata for primary care" (HD4PrC) in Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software

Next to the architecture for hospitals and laboratories, has developed an architecture to facilitate data collections from various primary care actors: healthdata for primary care (HD4PrC).

Following the eHealth action plan 2013-2018, all general practitioners must be connected to healthdata by end 2017. Over time, HD4PrC should become the standard tool for the collection of data for scientific and/or policy supporting purposes. Therefore, HD4PrC should cater for both primary care actors with an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and without.

In the HD4PrC cookbook, we explain to EMR vendors how to integrate HD4PrC with their EMR. Important to note that this is only a first phase implementation, and continuous improvements are foreseen by healthdata. These improvements can come from functional requirements of the HD4PrC users or researchers (users of the collected data), but also from technical requirements from the EMR vendors. 

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