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Feedback reports for project “Belgian Neuromuscular Disease Registry” (BNMDR) are available for participating health care organizations

The first feedback reports for the project “Belgian Neuromuscular Disease Registry” (BNMDR) are available on for participating health care organizations. These reports were created by the researchers of the service "Study of healthcare" of the Scientific Institute of Public Health. Login with eID is needed. is the data visualization platform of the Healthdata.beproject, which is part of the national Action Plan eHealth 2013-2018. Here, the researchers publish tables, figures and maps they made based on the data they have collected among Belgian hospitals, laboratories, physicians, and patients. With these reports, researchers want to give health professionals, healthcare institutions, patients, governments and the general public an up-to-date insight into the prevalence of certain diseases, their causes and impact, and the effectiveness of their treatment.

In the first phase mainly so-called private data visualizations will be available. These can only be consulted by the participating health care providers, health care organizations and funding governments. For this, they must log in with their ID. The first public data visualizations will become available in the coming months. is a service of the Scientific Institute of Public Health and funded by the National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance.

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