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Communication to our technical partners in hospitals and laboratories: launch of new HD architecture

In the context of various policy-supporting scientific data collections or "registers", your institution uses the services of (Sciensano, formerly known as the Scientific Institute of Public Health), including the application HD4DP 1.15.x (" for data providers"). With this communication we want to inform you about the deployment of HD4DP 2.0 in the second quarter of 2020. For this deployment we ask for your cooperation.

How does HD4DP 2.0 differ from the current application?

Where the current self-developed HD4DP 1.15.x application has a monolithic architecture, HD4DP 2.0 has a modular structure with existing components such as an integration engine (NextGen Connect), form renderer (, data grid (KendoUI) and a BI tool (Metabase).

With this HD4DP 2.0, we want to provide better support to healthcare to providers and healthcare establishments to deliver data for each project via various protocols (OpenAPI, HL7-FHIR) and formats (json, xml, csv). In addition, we ensure the continuity of the current CSV import for every project that is currently in production.

We also want to guarantee better stability, performance and scalability through this modular approach to HD4DP 2.0. With the current architecture, with the increasing data volumes, we also want to create less burden for the intermediary components (including the UM / EM applications, the eHBox, eH-TTP service, etc.)

Finally, with HD4DP 2.0 we also want to support healthcare providers and healthcare establishments in reusing the data that they have collected for policy-supporting scientific projects, whether this is manual or not.

Is HD4DP 1.15.x no longer supported in 2020? will continue to support the HD4DP 1.15.x application until the end of 2021.

However, no new features will be developed for this version. will also continue to support projects currently using HD4DP 1.15.x until the end of 2021. A few projects that are currently in pre-production will - due to the urgent nature - still start with HD4DP1.15.x.

A roadmap for the migration of the project to HD4DP 2.0 will be drawn up with the relevant clients and researchers. In addition, will also migrate the data collected in HD4DP 1.15.x to HD4DP 2.0. 

When will HD4DP 2.0 be used? wishes to start the first projects in the second quarter of 2020 via HD4DP 2.0.

What should the technical service providers of the health care providers and health establishments do for HD4DP 2.0?

The technical service providers of the health care providers and health establishments are asked to take the following preparatory actions by the end of January 2020, including the provision of a dedicated machine with the following minimum requirements:

  • 2 CPUs
  • 8 cores / CPU
  • 32 GB memory
  • 400 GB disk space
  • A mounted network station with space for backups
  • OS: Linux Ubuntu

We strongly recommend virtualizing this hardware so that vertical scaling is possible.

Of course, further alignment of these requirements is possible based on the size of the health establishment, the number of registers in which the institution participates, and the data volumes of these registers. Nevertheless, we note that scalability of the infrastructure is an important requirement as several of our clients have indicated that they want to operationalize their existing data flows via

How is HD4DP 2.0 rolled out?

The installation and configuration of the components in HD4DP 2.0 will be installed through configuration management using Ansible. This allows automated installation through the enforcement of a desired server state, that can easily be maintained or reconfigured.This installation includes all technical components (NextGen Connect,, KendoUI and Metabase) composing HD4DP 2.0.

Based on rollout experience and release management of HD4DP 1.x, we recommend a step-by-step local deployment from an integration environment to a production environment. Healthcare providers and healthcare institutions that currently use an HD4DP 1.15.x on Nexus Health or X-Connect will also be able to use HD4DP 2.0 in those environments.  For the roll-out of HD4DP 2.0, the contacts who are responsible for the health establishments for HD4DP 1.15.x will be contacted individually to discuss and plan the preparatory and executive actions.

Where can I find more information about HD4DP 2.0? is currently working on user documentation for HD4DP 2.0. This will be published on the documentation pages of (

News notifications will also be published on the website (

From January 2020, a monthly conference call will also be organized for the technical service providers of the healthcare providers and health establishments. You can register for participation via

The team will endeavor to make the transition to the new architecture as smooth as possible. If you encounter difficulties, however, you can always contact us via

Yours sincerely,

Johan van Bussel, Head of department

for the team

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