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Beheers- en controleorganen

Het wordt aangestuurd door een aantal beheers- en controleorganen. Daarnaast zijn specifieke controleorganen belast met de goedkeuring en opvolging van individuele registers.


A healthcare provider is an organization that offers and provides medical, paramedic and/or nursing care to patients/clients. Examples include: hospitals, nursing homes, doctor’s offices.


Een zorgverlener is een persoon die bevoegd is tot handelingen op het gebied van de individuele gezondheidszorg.


All CBB's implicitly contain a number of basic elements. These are usually not included in the information models of the individual building blocks, but are supposed to be present. These are concepts that are of a more technical nature, often have little or no clinical relevance, but are necessary for the sake of clarity and readability of the information. In those cases where these elements are of clinical significance, they will usually be explicit in the information models. An example of this is an AGB number as an identification number for a health professional.


A medication agreement is a prescriber’s proposal for a patient to use medication. An agreement to discontinue the use of medication is also a medication agreement.


MedicationUse is a statement on the historic, current or intended use of a certain medicine.


Medication administration is the registration of the individual administrations of the medicine on the patient by the administrator (e.g. a nurse or patient themselves), in relation to the entered agreements.


An administration agreement is the use (or administering) instructions from the pharmacist to the patient (or their representative or administrator), whereby a medication agreement is structured at a concrete level.


A dispense is the delivery of an amount of medicine to the patient, their administrator or their representative.


The dispense request is the request of a prescriber to the pharmacist to dispense medication(s) to the patient to support current medication agreements. The prescriber asks them to dispense a certain amount of medicine or to dispense medicine(s) for a period of use.


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