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Nationality is used as an indication of the country of citizenship.


Education indicates the highest level of education achieved.


Tobacco is a product that comes from the leaves of the tobacco plant, which is smoked as a drug. Smokable forms of tobacco include rolling tobacco, cigarettes, cigars and pipe tobacco. This information model describes the information asked of the patient about their use of tobacco.


A living will is a verbal or written description of the patient’s wishes with regard to future medical action or end of their life. A living will is mainly used for situations in which the patient is no longer able to speak about these decisions with their healthcare provider.


The living situation is the physical environment in which the patient normally lives, sleeps, keeps their clothing, etc.


Address information includes data where a person resides (temporarily, permanently) or where a building is located. This is a partial information model.


The range gives either a fixed value or a minimum and maximum value a quantity can take on. This is a partial information model.


Contact information includes a person's telephone numbers en e-mail addresses. This is a partial information model.


Instructions for the use or administration of the medication, e.g. dose and route of administration. In the event of medication use, this is the pattern of use established by the patient or which the patient followed. This is a partial information model


Name information includes a person's given names, nickname, last name and possibly the partner's last name. This is a partial information model.


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