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The heart rate is the number of heartbeats per minute.


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A laboratory result describes the result of a laboratory analysis. These are specimen-oriented tests as performed in laboratories such as Clinical Chemistry, Serology, Microbiology, etc. In addition to the results of tests with a singular result, this concept can also contain the results of more complex tests with multiple results or a ‘panel’.


Body weight is the common name for (human) body mass.


A person’s body height.


Measuring and documenting the body temperature of a person as a surrogate for a person’s central body temperature (the highest temperature at the centre of the torso).


Medical devices are any internally implanted and external devices and/or aids used by the patient (in the past) to reduce the effects of functional limitations in organ systems or to facilitate the treatment of a disease.


Arterial oxygen saturation, also referred to as saturation, is an indicator for the amount of oxygen bound to the hemoglobin in the red blood cells of the arteries. The measurement is usually carried out as a transcutaneous measurement with a blood oxygen monitor or pulse oximeter. The saturation level is expressed as a percentage and should be over 95% in healthy people.


All planned appointments, referrals, treatments and diagnostic procedures, open orders and orders of which the results are not yet known that are relevant to the patient’s care may be included. Clinical reminders can also be included here. These are postponed orders that are not yet active. (For example: please note! patient still needs a booster vaccination in x weeks; or please note! check the oral mucosa next time). The PlannedCareActivity concept is a line from the treatment plan. This gives every recipient, user or healthcare facility insight into the planned care for this patient.


The pain score is a general measurement for pain experience, not a description of specific, localized pain.


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