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The range gives either a fixed value or a minimum and maximum value a quantity can take on. This is a partial information model.


Contact information includes a person's telephone numbers en e-mail addresses. This is a partial information model.

Collaboration Registre du Cancer - Laboratoires d’anatomie pathologique-Healthdata.be

27.05.2016. Cher/Chère Docteur, Cher professeur, Nous aimerions vous informer de la nouvelle collaboration entre Healthdata.be, la Fondation Registre du Cancer et les pathologistes pour la collecte et le transfert des données des laboratoires vers le Registre du Cancer. Le plan d’action e-Santé 2013-2018 (voir annexe), correspondant étroitement aux priorités politiques de la Ministre des Affaires sociales et de la Santé publique, Maggie De Block, s’en trouve ainsi également partiellement mis en œuvre.

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Instructions for the use or administration of the medication, e.g. dose and route of administration. In the event of medication use, this is the pattern of use established by the patient or which the patient followed. This is a partial information model


Name information includes a person's given names, nickname, last name and possibly the partner's last name. This is a partial information model.


The prescribed substance is usually medication. However, medical aids and bandages can also be prescribed and supplied via the pharmacy. Food and blood products do not strictly belong in the medication category, but can be prescribed and supplied by a pharmacy as well.

Healthdata.be participe à la 3e Joint Action du European network for health technology assessment (EUnetHTA)

01.07.2016. Le Centre fédéral d'expertise des soins de santé (KCE), l’INAMI et l’équipe healthdata.be participent à la 3e Joint Action du European network for health technology assessment (EUnetHTA).

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The treatment objective describes the desired result of the treatment/interventions in terms of the patient’s diagnosed problem. The objective and target date are entered in addition to the target value. Comparing the healthcare results to the treatment objective provides insight into the effectivity of the treatment/interventions.


The primary function of the bladder is temporary storage of urine. A second important function of the bladder is secretion of the stored urine at the moment there is cause to do so. These functions can be disrupted due to various causes.


A burn wound is a wound caused by skin being exposed to heat for a certain time above a certain critical temperature. Heat above this critical temperature (+/- 40°C) will cause damage to the skin. There are different types of burn wounds, which are categorized according to the depth of the burn wound.


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